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Contemporary Design in Historical Cities

February 23 – 8:30 am 
Aula Magna, Faculty of Architecture
Piazza Borghese 9, Rome 
On February 23-24, the Sapienza Faculty of Architecture will host the Third International Congress of ISUF-Italy, the Italian section of the International Seminar on Urban Forum.

The conference, organized by Sapienza Professors Paolo Carlotti, Anna Irene Del Monaco and Dina Nencini, will collect studies, research, projects and methodological reflections on contemporary architecture, urban contexts and historical buildings to review current research on tools for the analysis of architectural design.

In recent years, the reuse, the recovery, the architectural transformation of urban areas are amongst the foremost topics of international architectural culture. The conference will provide an opportunity to discuss contemporary design in historical cities

Professor Pierre Larochelle from the Laval University, in Quebec City, and Franco Purini, Sapienza University, will participate in the conference.