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80th Anniversary of the Cittadella Universitaria

On November 23, Sapienza will celebrate the 80th anniversary of the cittadella universitaria, the main Sapienza campus, designed by Marcello Piacentini and inaugurated in 1935 with a grandiose ceremony at the presence of the Italian Royal Family. Moreover, the restored “Italy between the Arts and Sciences” mural buy Mario Sironi will also be unveiled.

The event, which will be attended by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, will be opened by Rector Eugenio Gaudio with the Rector of the Université Libre de Bruxelles Yvon Englert. Marina Righetti, Director of the Art History and Performing Arts Department, and Gisella Capponi, Director of the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, the scientific directors of the restoration project for the mural, will explain the work performed on the mural and the results.

Architect Paolo Portoghesi will open the International Conference on “Twentieth Century University Campuses and Sapienza University” which will include presentation by Carla Di Francesco, General Secretary of MIBACT, and Bartolomeo Azzaro, Coordinator of the Celebrations Organisational Committee.

The celebrations also include the public opening two exhibitions: "The New University Campus of Rome" (Rectorate Building until January 26, 2018) and "Sironi Unveiled. The Restoration of the Sapienza Mural " (Laboratory Museum of Contemporary Art until January 21, 2018).