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2nd Sapienza Short Film Festival

December 9, 2017 – 10 am
Levi della Vida Lecture Hall, “Vetreria Sciarra” Building
Via dei Volsci 122, Rome

The twenty short films selected by the Sapienza Short Film Fest Scientific Committee for the 2nd edition of the Film Fest will be screened on Saturday December 9 at the “Vetreria Sciarra” Building. The audience will vote for their favourite shorts.

The Sapienza Short Film Fest is an initiative organised for students interested in video making and who would like to test their creativity by developing short films, web series and any form of remix and video-essay, from film analyses to art criticism. The festival is an opportunity to promote the exchange of creativity and knowledge amongst students of different faculties and, at the same time, an important opportunity to promote one’s projects.