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“Saperi&Co” Calls for Innovation and Research

The Sapienza “Saperi&Co” Project will develop a dedicated research and innovation centre. The facility has been conceived as a hub that interconnects a range of university labs and competences and will be housed in a recently renovated 400 square-metre area in the Palazzina Tuminelli. 

In particular, the “Saperi&Co” centre will host:

  • Fab Lab
  • Co-working Area
  • Enterprise incubation services
  • Lecture hall
  • 4 on-demand labs dedicated to the various priorities indicated in the Regional Intelligent Specialisation Strategy (cultural heritage, aerospace, life sciences and renewable energy)


Project “Saperi&Co” is also on Facebook and  Twitter.

Call for Enterprise Incubation

Deadline: January 28, 2018

Selection is underway for two young researchers interested in research and innovation.

In collaboration with the LVenture Group Investment Fund, Saperi&Co has launched a call for a three-month enterprise incubation course for university students and first-year doctoral students. The objective is to help them develop their business idea and transform it into an enterprise project.

Applications are welcome both by individuals and teams (even if not all members are Sapienza students). The applications will be evaluated by the LVenture Group on the basis of their innovation level and feasibility.

Call for Open Innovation Laboratory

Deadline: January 28, 2018

In collaboration with Quantum Leap, Saperi&Co will evaluate applications for participation in a laboratory on Open Innovation to promote research projects by young doctoral students and researchers through a specialised training and mentoring course. Participants who complete the course will develop a business plan custom-tailored to their needs.

The course will include the following modules:

  • IP Strategy: what to patent and why
  • Market analysis
  • Commercial experience
  • Fundraising


Applications should be sent by e-mail to

The applications forms are available in the download area.

The deadline for both calls is January 28, 2018.