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Statistical Methods and Applications

Today, data management and analysis (i.e. statistics) is fundamental to any professional activity. The MSc in Statistical Methods and Applications provides students with outstanding insight into the data management process, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation, as well as related decision-making processes, with a focus on Big Data analysis and its applications.

The Sapienza Department of Statistical Science is the largest in Italy with internationally renowned faculty members and hosting one of the most powerful computing resources at the University of Rome. The Masters Programme is held entirely held in English and provides students with specific statistical skills.

Starting from a common programme focusing on Statistics, Probability and Computing, the Masters Programme provides students with a solid and highly marketable statistical and quantitative education for interpreting real-world phenomena and support decision-making. Students may opt for one of the following curricula:

  • [QE] Quantitative Economics
  • [OS] Official Statistics (EMOS - European Masters Degree in Official Statistics)
  • [DA] Data Analyst (with optional Double Degree with Université Paris Dauphine)

For further information on application, pre-selection process, courses and electives, please see the brochure available in the downloads section.



  • Department of Statistical Sciences
    Faculty of Information Engineering, Informatics and Statistics