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Course Number: 29442
Cost: €300
Application Deadline: April 20, 2017


PLEASE NOTE: All applicants have been accepted to the RAR Summer School. You will receive futher information shortly.


The "Renaissance Architecture in Rome" (RAR) Summer School will present tools and methods for the analysis of historical buildings and, in particular, of Renaissance architecture in Rome, by comparing textual and iconographic sources with the direct examination of buildings, in terms of form, material and constructive characteristics. The Summer School includes lectures, field trips to the most important Roman monuments (15-16th centuries), laboratory experiences and workshops.

Students will be instructed in drawing, architectural surveying, analysis of architectural orders and exploration of historical construction techniques, namely the research tools traditionally used by the so-called Roman School of Architecture. In addition to the lectures, students will be involved in six Renaissance Architecture Labs, conceived as in situ workshops, which will provide the opportunity to visit and examine ancient and Renaissance monuments in Rome and Lazio. Applying a hands-on approach, students will try out various methods of investigation, such as the direct examination of the physical condition of a building and of its masonry, or the analysis of the architectural elements through surveying and drawing. Such experiences and knowledge may help students in choosing their future educational paths in the fields of Architecture, History of Art and Architecture, or Restoration.

The Summer School is held in English.


The application may be delivered by e-mail with the required attachments to: (subject: “Summer School RAR application”).

The deadline for submitting applications is April 20, 2017.

Applications received after the deadline will be rejected.

For further information: RAR Summer School