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Public Relations and Information Office

The Public Relations and Information Office is a qualified centre of assistance and guidance, specialised in finding out the appropriate solutions for every single case and to manage the reports concerning difficulties and problems.

In particular, the Office provides information regarding the University organisation, the reference regulation, the persons in charge and the status of the administrative proceedings.

The services offered are addressed to all kind of University users, both internal (personnel, students, etc.), and external (other administrative bodies, firms, etc).

The Public Relations and Information Office favours the development and integration of internal communication among administrative offices and proposes periodical verification of the quality of the services offered.

The Office is also deeply committed in reinforcing the information dissemination through modern communication channels preferring e-mail and on line services.


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    Public Relations and Information Office

    Daniela Vingiani

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    T (+39) 06 4991 4180-4181
    F (+39) 06 4991 4570