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Other Accomodation Options

Private Housing

Prices for a private room in a shared apartment range from € 350.00 to € 550.00 (or higher) per month. Please note you will also be required to pay a deposit of one to three months’ rent when you sign the contract. Always ask for a signed receipt of payment.

Please note: DO NOT make any payments from abroad in advance. Make sure to meet with the person who is providing the accommodation when you arrive in Rome before making any payments. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact the Hello Office for advice.

The following websites publish announcements of rooms for rent:

There are a lot of newspapers distributed free of charge near newsstands, in front of bars, pubs, etc. which publish accommodation offers. Be aware that they only have adverts from real-estate agencies that charge at least one month’s rent + VAT for their service and prefer renting apartments to long term students studying in Rome who have already studied here for a few years.

A local classifieds paper for announcements of rooms for rent through a real estate agency or directly from the landlord is Porta Portese.  It comes out on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

You can also check the website at: – click on Immobiliare and then Affitto-Subaffitto

Wanted in Rome is an advertising guide to Rome and Italy published every two weeks and is also on sale at newsstands and international book shops

Room Adverts on University Notice Boards/Word of Mouth
Wherever students usually go (faculties, departments, canteens, bars, streets in the Campus area) you will find advertisements for accommodation. If you are having difficulty, you can bring these advertisements to the Welcome Office and we will help you call to enquire if the advertiser is interested in an international student and if it is possible to arrange an appointment.

Your Social Network
Your network of personal contacts may become an important source of information. Take every opportunity while getting to know people and making new friends to enquire if they know about anyone who may have a vacant room for you.