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The Masters Programme in Data Science (LM-28176) is a new programme taught fully in English. It is a joint initiative within the i3S Faculty combining the expertise of four departments:   

  • Informatics (DI)
  • Computer Science (DIAG)
  • Information Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications (DIET)
  • Statistics (DSS)

The remarkable increase in the volume and complexity of available data - and the new technology that has been developed to process it - requires a combined multi-disciplinary approach to design an overall strategy to transform data into useful information.

Key ingredients for developing a successful strategy include data manipulation and visualization, large-scale computing, statistical modelling, learning techniques and algorithmic thinking.

This Masters programme provides a solid and modern preparation, allowing graduates to understand and manage the many aspects of carrying out a complete data analysis, including its acquisition, management, and statistical analysis.

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  • Prof. Stefano Leonardi

    Department of Computer, Control and Management Engineering

    Tel: (+39) 06.7727.4022
    Fax: (+39) 06.7727.4022