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Project Description

BEJOUR is a didactic module for European Union Communication that is co-financed by the Jean Monnet Action of the European Commission for three academic years.

The programme is directed by Prof. Maria Romana Allegri and includes Department Professors (Prof. Antonio Bettanini and Prof. Christian Ruggiero), professionals that regularly collaborate with the Department (including Giampiero Gramaglia, Communication Councillor for the Institute of International Affairs and Director of and a number of other university professors, media experts, journalists, and European representatives (European or Italian MPs, European Commissioners and officials of the European Commission, especially in the communication area).

The programme entails 40 lesson hours to provide students with the necessary knowledge to collaborate with European institutions and the tools required for EU communication.

In brief, 12 hours will the dedicated to the history of European integration, to the institutional system, and the fundamental principles of the EU judicial system; 10 hours will be used for seminars held by the representatives of European institutions devoted to the European idea, to the institutions with particular association to the European Commission and the role of the EU in an evolving world; 18 hours will be dedicated to a cross-media journalism laboratory.

The students will write news items that will be published on Metro and the portal (after an editorial revision process similar to that used in the by the FISE Project) as well as radio reports broadcast on RadioSapienza. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter will be used both for organisational purposes (virtual editorial meetings) and to push content.

Students will be able to obtain skills they can use in their future professions; moreover, they will learn about the European Union, also thanks to a special visit to the EU information and communication services in Brussels and Strasbourg.

The final aim of Project BEJOUR is to provide communication students with a European point of view that is direly lacking in classical Italian journalism.