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Project UZDOC

Enhancing Quality of Doctoral Education at Higher Education Institutions in Uzbekistan

Tempus Project N. 544134-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-SMGR

Duration: 1 December 2013 – 30 November 2016

Coordinator: UNICA – Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe


EU Partners

  • Athens University of Economics And Business (Greece)
  • Comenius University (Slovakia)
  • Sapienza University Rome (Italy)
  • University of Granada (Spain)
  • University of Zagreb (Croatia)

Non-EU Partners

  • Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan
  • Qaraqalpaq State University (Uzbekistan)
  • Qarshi State University (Uzbekistan)
  • Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service (Uzbekistan)
  • State Institute of Culture and Arts (Uzbekistan)
  • Tashkent Financial Institute (Uzbekistan)


Project Objectives

The main aim of Project UZDOC is to enhance the quality of doctoral education at Higher Education Institutions in Uzbekistan, in line with the principles of European Higher Education Area. To achieve this objective four specific sub-goals have been set:

  • To understand the legal and regulatory framework of doctoral education in Uzbekistan;
  • To inform Uzbek HEIs about the organisation of doctoral education in the EHEA;
  • To develop principles for the organization of doctoral programmes;
  • To develop national standards for quality assurance in doctoral education.

The project will be implemented in three main phases. In the first phase, the legal and regulatory framework of doctoral education in Uzbekistan will be studied and compared with that of the EHEA.

In the second phase, Uzbek HEIs will be informed on the organisation of doctoral education in the EHEA through the organisation of four study visits, one in Uzbekistan and three in Europe, where experts in doctoral education from European HEIs will share their experience with Uzbeki colleagues.

In the third phase, guidelines for the development of doctoral programme national standards for quality assurance will be developed. Together with the organisation of round tables with stakeholders in Uzbekistan, this will Improve the ability of Uzbeki HEI to implement a high quality doctoral education reform.  

Sapienza Activities

Sapienza has been involved in this project to enhance PhD studies in Uzbekistan thanks to the long-lasting experience of the institution. Sapienza currently offers 74 PhD courses and manages several PhD schools as well.





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