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Project MIMI

Modernisation of Institutional Management of Internationalisation in South Neighbouring Countries

Tempus Project N. 544198-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-ES-TEMPUS-SMGR

Duration: 1 December 2013 – 30 November 2016

Coordinator: Observatorio de la Globalización - Universitat de Barcelona


EU Partners

  • Campus France     
  • Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (Austria)
  • CHE (Germany)
  • European University Association Internationalisation of Higher Education (Belgium) Agencia Nacional de Evaluación de la Calidad y Acreditación (Spain)
  • Sapienza University (Italy)
  • Université de Montpellier 1 (France)
  • Warsaw Technical University (Poland)

Non-EU Partners    

  • Association of Arab Universities (Jordan)
  • Ibn Tofail University (Morocco)
  • Lebanese University, (Lebanon)
  • Malek Esaadi University (Morocco)
  • Ministry of Higher Education (Lebanon)
  • Ministry of Higher Education (Morocco)
  • Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Jordan)
  • Modern University of Business and Science (Lebanon)
  • Princess Sumaya University for Technology (Jordan)
  • Yarmouk University (Jordan)


Project Objectives

The main objective of Project MIMI is to develop an internationalization management model to improve the institutional management processes of internationalization via governance procedures that enhance internationalization within the university hierarchy of partner institutions, strengthen their capacity, empower them with references and guidelines aligned to EU practices and encourage them to share best-practices and develop strong partnership with EU partners.

The model will be based on the analysis of needs and capacities in partner HEIs and successful experiences and best practices in EU partner institutions. This will lead to the development of a set of principles, priorities, guidelines and procedures to support HEIs in improving the internal management of internationalization processes.

The project will:

  • Evaluate the degree of internationalization in partner universities and identify areas for improvement;
  • Set guidelines to establish an appropriate legal framework for internationalization;
  • Create the required infrastructures for its implementation of internationalization, including virtual tools;
  • Build the capacity of partner universities on internationalization procedures;
  • Disseminate good practices and share practical experience in benchmarking analysis for university international relations.

Sapienza Activities

Sapienza is the leading institution for WP.6 - QA Tools in Management of Internationalization. Moreover, our university will assist partners in fulfilling their tasks and help them to lead, supervise or prepare specific studies in terms of WP1 (Measuring and Profiling Internationalization), WP5 and WP8 (Monitoring and Impact Evaluation). These tasks include:

  • Host top management representatives from partner universities and organise and complete tasks on schedule as established in WP9;
  • Provide experts and staff for external assessment, training sessions and supervision;
  • Provide Quality Assurance (QA) tools for the management of internationalisation;
  • Prepare, assist or deliver all reports required to fulfil the project objectives, as well as to prepare the internationalisation management model and the booklet on QA tools;
  • Attend, host, conduct, organise and deliver meetings, workshops, conferences, training sessions, dissemination sessions and networking events or other project activities;
  • Set up and operate an Arab Network for Internationalisation (ANI), as established in WP5;
  • Assist in all quality issues in terms of the WP8;
  • Deliver all the deliverables required and indicated by the project work plan;
  • Undertake all necessary steps to foster the implementation of the project.







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