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Curriculum Reform and the Modernization of Ecology Engineering based on Nanotechnology

Tempus Project N. 543924-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPCR

Coordinator: Università Sapienza di Roma


EU Partners

  • Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione (Italy)
  • Panepistimio Patron (Greece)
  • Université Paris 13 (France)

Non-EU Partners

  • Azecolab (Azerbaijan)
  • Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction (Azerbaijan)
  • Baku State University (Azerbaijan)
  • Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan
  • Qafqaz University (Azerbaijan)


Project Objectives

The main aim of project ECONANO is to modernize Ecology Engineering (EE) curricula in the Azerbaijan higher education system by promoting nanotechnology.

The project will harmonise these new curricula with those of the European Union. Great attention has been devoted to the partnership: in fact, the involved universities in Azerbaijan are amongst the best in the country, while European universities participating in this project are education and research leaders in nanotechnology and its environmental applications (membrane processes, photocatalysis).

A specific methodology has been proposed to validate the new advanced courses and modernize the current curricula. It involves the development and implementation of an one-year advanced programme on Ecology Engineering - ACEE for graduates that will test the new modules. Moreover, the project aims to share teaching experience amongst Azerbaijan and the European Union. This will allow the assessment of the new education system on students.

An important Azerbaijan company working on environmental monitoring will contribute to designing the curricula for enhancing graduates’ placement on the job market. The partnership also includes the Azerbaijan Ministry of Education that looks forward to this initiative and will take care of the accreditation of the new curricula. Ecology Engineering education in universities in Azerbaijan will be conducted in collaboration with EU universities that have developed new EE courses based on their experiences in nanotechnology and with the support of nano-technology research centres.

In order to prolong the collaboration amongst universities, double/joint degrees will be established amongst the partners. Throughout the project, an “external” institution (i.e., CSI) will supervise the quality of the project and the achievement of the targets established by determined indices. Dissemination will be supervised by BSU.            


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