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Useful Tips When Leaving Italy

What to do before leaving Italy: Checklist

  • Residency: 

If you are registered at the Ufficio Anagrafe (Registry office) inform the Municipality office of your departure. 

  • Health insurance

In case you have subscribed a private health insurance, check its expiry date or contact the insurance company well in advance if you are going to leave earlier.  

  • Tax and pension

Check with your host organization if you need to settle taxes before leaving Italy (i.e. tax return). Get an up-to-date statement of your pension contributions by contacting directly INPS or the national institute in charge for your sector. To help you in these procedures, you can contact well in advance a CAF (Centro Assistenza Fiscale - Centre for Fiscal Assistance) or other immigration/social services (i.e. PATRONATO). 

  • Accommodation 

​Send a non-renewal notice (disdetta) to the owner according to the terms indicated in the contract. Remember to ask for your deposit back. The notice should be sent by registered mail with a return receipt (raccomandata con ricevuta di ritorno). For more information : SUNIA - Sindacato Unitario Nazionale Inquilini e Assegnatari (the national tenants' union).  Cancel the utilities contracts (electricity, gas, telephone, etc.) if they are not included in the rent and if they are registered under your name.

  • Driving licence

Notify at the Motororizzazione civile office your departure, in case you have exchanged (conversione) your driving licence or your driving licence has been recognised (riconoscimento) in Italy. 

  • Bank account 

Contact in due time the Bank for more information about procedures (i.e. documents, terms, etc.) in order to close your account or to inform them about your address abroad. 

  • Schools/childcare services

Notify your children’s school or childcare provider that you will be moving abroad. Some private childcare providers have a notice period (you may have to pay extra fees if you give your notice after the prescribed deadline).

  • Subscriptions

Cancel the services you have subscribed in Italy (i.e. magazines or clubs/gyms, others) or if relevant inform them about your new address out of Italy.  




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