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Telephone Numbers and Emergencies


Italy’s international phone code is 0039. Public phones are available on the street and in many public places such as bars, restaurants, and malls. Phone cards can be purchased from tobacco shops and  newsstands.

In your home country, you may be able to buy a pre-paid phone card that you can purchase before arriving in Italy. This will help you keep in touch with home for your first few days in Rome as international calls, especially from mobile phones can be expensive.

There are many mobile phone providers in Italy including: Tim, Vodafone, Wind and 3. We advise you to compare their services before choosing.

Emergency numbers (toll free):

112 Carabinieri
113 Police
115 Fire Brigade
116 Car Rescue Service
118 Emergency Medical Care

Medical emergencies

Call 118, the medical emergency toll free number (pronto soccorso). Go to the hospital emergency ward. The staff there will assign you a colour code (white, yellow, green, red) according to the gravity of your situation. Patients will be taken care of in order of emergency and not of arrival. If medical staff assign you a white code, the waiting period could be very long. You should bring your health care card (tessera sanitaria) as well as your residence permit with you.



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