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Social Security

The Italian Social Security system provides a wide range of benefits delivered by different institutions. The main institutes are:

  • INPS - Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza Sociale (the National Social Security Institute) operates an ordinary fund for employed workers and a special fund (the so called “gestione separata”) for “parasubordinate” workers, self-employed workers and holders of a fellowship. This is often the case for mobile researchers spending a period in Italy. 
  • INAIL - Istituto nazionale per l’assicurazione contro gli infortuni sul lavoro (Italian Workers' Compensation Authority) deals with accidents at work and occupational illnesses. 

If you are working in Italy registration and contributions to the Italian Social security system are mandatory (contribuzione obbligatoria). Registration is made by the employer (only self-employed workers need to register personally). Contributions are calculated on the basis of the salary received, according to contribution rates fixed by law. Moreover, you can contribute with an additional voluntary amount (contribuzione volontaria) in order to increase your pension benefits.  Please note that contributions are recognized also during certain periods of absence from work (e.g. while receiving unemployment benefits or during compulsory maternity leave).

Gestione Separata 

If you are a holder of PhD fellowship, fellowship within EU mobility programmes, grant for research training (i.e. Assegno di ricerca research grant)  or you are a visiting professors, you must personally register with INPS, under the category Gestione Separata. Registration must be done online or by calling the INPS call centre on toll free phone number 803164 or at the nearest INPS office. 

Totalization (Portability) of social and pension contribution at international level 

Foreign citizens from EU/EEA Member States Switzerland or from countries which have signed a bilateral agreement with Italy, who contributed to the payment of Italian Social Security System, can apply for the “Totalization” (totalizzazione) of their contributions in their own country. As regard as pensions, totalization is allowed only when the worker has collected, in the country granting the pension, a minimum period of pension contributions. 




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