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Tax Identification Code

In Italy, the tax code identifies a citizen in all dealings, not only of fiscal nature, with the Italian public authorities and other administrations. The tax code is issued by the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate).  To sign a contract in Italy, or to open a bank account, you must apply for this code. You can present your application to one of the following addresses: 

  • Italian consular authorities in your country of residence;
  • Any territorial office of the Revenue Agency in Italy;
  • The Operative Centre Pescara (Via Rio Sparto, 21-65129 Pescara, Italy).

​At the moment of the application, EU/EEA citizens must present a valid ID. Non EU/EEA citizens must bring a valid Passport, a valid Visa and a copy of them. The documentation must also prove the legitimacy of the presence of the subject in Italy. The Tax Identification Code is issued immediately and it is free of charge

If you get your visa well before your arrival in Italy, the International Office can provide you your Tax code before your travel to Italy. As soon as you receive your visa, please contact Giuditta Carabella or Emanuele Gennuso. Once you send us a scanned copy of your passport and visa we will then send you the application form to request your tax code with further instructions.



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