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Chemical Engineering

PhD: Chemical Engineering
Doctoral School: Science and Technology for Industrial Innovation
Department: Chemical, Material and Environmental Engineering
Coordinator: Prof. Maria Cristina Annesini

Contact Person:  Prof. Elisabetta Petrucci
Telephone: (+39) 06 4458 5569


The PhD course in Chemical Engineering belonging to the Doctoral School in Science and Technologies for the Industrial Innovation - has been designed by the Chemical Engineering Materials Environment Department and the Chemistry Department for the high education of young engineers, chemists and industrial chemists to face all the problems related with the research activities of chemical and process industries. The research subjects treated in the course deal with the processes in the fields of petro chemistry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, energetic resources, environmental treatment, material production and industrial biotechnologies. These topics may be developed also with respect to the industrial safety aspects. The aim of the PhD course is to educate the candidates to carry out and coordinate research activities, to transfer the results from laboratory to industrial scale, to develop new processes and to optimize the existing ones. The formative program is centered on the development of an original research project, in which the candidate is supported by a supervisor. The research activity will be completed by the participation in tailored courses offered by the Doctoral School (22 credits), seminars (4 credits) and other educational activities approved by the board, such as National PhD Schools (4 credits). The courses offered by the Doctoral School have two aims. The first, is to obtain more in-depth knowledge of the basic aspects of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry, including research methodologies (data analysis, experimental planning and scheduling, technology transfer, financing opportunities). The second aim is to offer more practical insight on the numerous research areas towards which it is currently possible to extend Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry skills. The courses will be divided in modules and their content will be decided, on an annual basis, by the Doctoral School board. Students are encouraged to carry out part of their activity in foreign universities or research centers. In general, any exchange or contact with organizations different from the home university is favored, in view of obtaining increasing knowledge and specialization in one’s field of research.