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Urban Poverty Summer School

Urban Poverty - The Praxis of Planning in Unequal Cities

The "Urban Poverty Summer School" will provide students with an intensive training programme on

  • theories and international debate on urban poverty;
  • research methods and tools to understand, analyse and address urban poverty at the urban scale;
  • techniques and strategies to exploit tangible and intangible, urban and architectural resources, through the recovery of identity and local development.

There is an urgent need to better understand the complex models used to intervene on urban poverty issues in local development and better comprehend the tradition of recovery and enhancement of identities and endogenous resources.

The “Urban Poverty Summer School” is an opportunity for extending the theory and practices of research and urban planning to issues concerning poverty and inequality in our cities, defining and interpreting new directions for multi-scale and multi-disciplinary development in our cities and understanding integrated projects related to buildings, open areas and resident populations.

The programme will feature the collaboration of experts from a range of complementary fields.

Language: the Summer School is held in English.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Registration Deadline: June 29, 2017