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Arcs of Crisis. International Relations, Geopolitics and Development

Dates: September 11-22, 2017
Cost: €100
Credits: 5 ECTS (CFU)
This summer school course in English, which will be held at the Sapienza Department of Communication and Social Research in Sapienza, is entitled "Arcs of Crisis: International Relations, Geopolitics and Development Cooperation in the Mediterranean Basin and Eurasia. The course includes 10 modules taught by Sapienza and international scholars with a special focus on migration and cooperation issues.
The course will be held entirely in English and focuses on the didactic needs of international students.
The 5 ECTS will be recognized by the didactic commission of the Programme in Cooperation and Development.
Please contact Prof. Pommier for any further information.
Deadline: the application form, signed by the candidate and accompanied by all attachments, must be received no later than September 4, 2017.