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International Agreements

Sapienza University is always eager to develop new cultural and scientific agreements with foreign academic institutions to develop research and didactic activities and to promote the international mobility of teachers, researchers and students. 

Agreement proposals may be suggested by any Sapienza Faculty or Department or by a foreign University, but must be validated by Sapienza's Academic Senate.

Private universities interested in an agreement with Sapienza must enclose proof of recognition and accreditation in their country of origin, issued by the relevant Ministry or by the Italian Embassy, together with the proposal.

Sapienza University pursues the following types of agreements:

1. General Framework Agreements - promote and develop collaboration between Sapienza University of Rome and its partner institutions. They are normally valid for five years and can be renewed. This type of agreement is normally activated via the signature of: 

  • Executive Protocols - regulating the mobility of researchers, teachers and PhD students within one or more didactic and/or research areas directly through faculties, departments or research centers;
  • Additional Protocols - regulating non-EU student mobility through Sapienza Faculties. These protocols do not include any financial obligation by the signatories.

2. Agreements for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation - promote cultural and scientific collaboration with partner institutions on a specific research and/or didactic area (directly involving the interested faculty or department) and regulating the mobility of teachers, researchers, and PhD students;

3. Multilateral Agreements - with multiple partner institutions;

4. Other - with different institutions (i.e., ministries, international organisations,etc.).

Sapienza University International Agreements (PDFs)




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