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Student Email

Sapienza allows registered students to use the free webmail service.

This system is available to the entire university community and is a channel of communication between the university and the students and vice-versa. It provides a secure and reliable email account, usable by all students, staff, educational organisations and those in charge of student careers, within its technological limits and respecting the rules and regulations for use. The email will consist of your last name.student number, for example

This will be your official student email and can be used for all matters regarding university courses and lessons. Your email will be activated after the university has received the first payment of the university fees, and will remain active for the rest of the duration of your degree plus an additional year.

 To access your account, please vist the link on the right-hand side. 


  • Tech Support

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    Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 - 17:00