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Sports & Leisure

(Photo: Flickr, William Matthews)

Life at Sapienza isn't just about studying. To complement academic learning, Sapienza University offers students and staff the opportunity to engage in a wide range of cultural and sports activities.

At the sports facilities spread over three venues throughout the city, both complete beginners and seasoned athletes can participate in various indoor and outdoor sports. Take the chance to compete in a basketball tournament, get a boat license or pick up salsa.

Sapienza has a long tradition in the research and promotion of performing arts. The music calendar is very busy, with concerts, orchestras and choir performances all year round. Students and staff can also unleash their musical talents and audition to be part of the Sapienza music community.

If theatre is your cup of tea, you will not be disappointed by Sapienza’s initiatives. Apart from regularly staging plays on campus, Sapienza also offers special discounts for other plays in Rome. Indulge in a memorable evening or try out for a role!