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Theatron – Ancient Theatre at Sapienza

Theatron – Ancient Theatre at Sapienza aims to spread the unique experience of classical Greek and Latin theatre in all its diverse forms and modern reinterpretations.

The fundamental objective of Theatron is to unite the scientific aspects of ancient theatre (historical investigation, textual critique, study of language used in ancient theatrical texts) with the practical-professional aspects (the performance as its own physical interpretation of the written work), which usually constitute separate environments, but that can instead co-exist and produce unique results from the weaving of competencies.

The project consents two workshops: a translation workshop (coordinated by Prof. Anna Maria Belardinelli) and a mise-en-scène workshop (coordinated by Maestro Giovanni Greco). Students, staff and teachers of Sapienza can participate in the workshops by responding to the call for candidates published annually on the Sapienza university website.

The participants are selected after an interview to establish their linguistic competencies for the translation workshop; for the mise-en-scène workshop, participants are selected after an audition to establish their level of experience with regard to performing, directing, set design, lighting, costume design, singing, dance, acrobatics and choreography.

Cta - Sapienza’s Theatre Centre

Sapienza’s Theatre Centre was born in 1981 with the purpose to conduct a research on theatre, the promotion of theatre culture, organised seminars, laboratories, conferences, shows and publications. The goal is to integrate academic activity with initiatives that allow the students to participate in and learn more about the world of theatre.

The study session and workshops that the Theatre Centre promotes are designed to simulate the conditions and the problems surrounding work in the theatre industry. In this way, participants’ can compare production realities and stimulate their analytical and critical capacities.

Sapienza’s Theatre Centre doesn’t aim to create actors or directors, but aims to provide experiences and bring the process of studying and learning closer to the professional realities of the industry. The Centre is also interested in the use of new audiovisual technologies for the experimentation of new techniques in theatre.

Workshops are study sessions that facilitate students’ active participation and are coordinated by famous national and international personalities from the world of theatre : directors, actors, choreographers, dancers, set designers etc. The seminars, unlike the workshops, are more theoretical and facilitate participation at an analytical and research level.

All students regularly enrolled at Sapienza can participate in the activities organised by the Theatre Centre. Admission is based on the programmes and announcements displayed within the Main Campus. Students will need to acquire an application form from the Ticket Office of the University Theatre and return a completed copy within the indicated deadlines. Workshop attendance is compulsory and students will need to guarantee their full availability.


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