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The CUS is the Sapienza University Sports Centre. It has several locations where students can enjoy a wide range of sporting activities. In Piazzale Verano, near the main campus, CUS has a gym, with a basketball court where members can take courses in martial arts, various forms of dance, yoga-pilates, aerobics and other team sports. 

At Tor di Quinto, in Rome’s northern suburbs, CUS has a swimming pool, football grounds and vast areas suitable for practising other sports. Membership at CUS is open to all students and staff at discounted rates.

In order to apply for membership, students must go to the CUS Office with a medical certificate attesting the  ability to participate in sporting activities, proof of enrolment (paid tuition fees), photo ID and amount payable for the annual membership.

Located in Anzio, the Tevere Royal Rowing Club offers sailing courses, outdoor training, and inter-university sailing competitions. The “One thousand and one sails” project, allows groups of students to design, build and race 4,6 meter long “skiff” boats with guidance from qualified instructors. Enrolment procedures and opening hours are indicated on the CUS website.