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Emergency numbers active 24/7:

  • 800 81 11 92
  • 0649694233 (for mobile phones)
  • Extension 8108 (on any university phone)


To report problems or other security issues:

  • 0649694231
  • Extension 34231 (on any university phone)


Anyone on campus can also turn to the University Surveillance Personnel that rides around campus on board of easily identifiable electric vehicles. The University Operations Centre, which organizes surveillance personnel, is operative 24/7.

Sapienza also has a Health and Safety Service organised by the Special Prevention and Protection Office.

You can find further information on the management of worker health and security, emergencies, university regulations, training courses and informational material provided by the office experts on the relevant web pages (see links on the right), along with their newsletter and questionnaires to evaluate the quality of the surveillance service, as well as a complaint and suggestion form.

For further information, please refer to the handbooks.





    800 81 11 92