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Residence Permit

All non-EU nationals who intend to stay in Italy for more than 3 months must apply for a residence permit (permesso di sogiorno) within 8 working days from their arrival.

How to apply:

Collect the residence permit kit at any Post Office. There is one on the Main Campus, close to the Viale Regina Elena entrance or you can go to the main branches in Piazza San Silvestro or Piazza Bologna (the latter is closer to the Main Campus and is open until 7:00pm on weekdays)

Complete the application form, attaching copies of the required documents, along with a tax revenue stamp (ask for a €16 "marca da bollo." You can find these at coffee shops, stationary stores, tobacconists). Instructions are contained inside the Residence Permit Kit;

If you are unsure or are having difficulties you can ask for assistance at our Welcome Office at the International Student Office (Palazzina Tuminelli,  second floor, main campus).  Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00am – 1:00pm

After completing your application form, you will need to take it back to the Post Office. In order to submit the application you will have to pay a Residence Permit card fee (€ 27.50) and an application processing fee (€80 – 200*) using the pre-filled form you contained in the kit. You will also need to pay a further € 30 for mailing your application.

*The processing fee varies according to the duration of the residence permit you are applying for: €80 for 3 months to 1 year; €100 for 1 year to 2 years; €200 for more than 2 years.

The Post Office will issue a receipt of your posted application, which you will have to keep as proof of your residence permit application. You will then be sent a registered letter from the Italian Immigration Office with the date and time of your interview.
You must go to the interview to complete the application for your residence permit. For this first appointment, you must bring 4 passport-sized ID photos with a white background, one of which will be attached to your residence permit.
Further information is available in the International Student Guide.