La Sapienza - Università di Roma

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Sapienza has developed a new web application for virtual tours that allows users to identify and find their way around Sapienza’s main campus. The objective is to make it easier for students and visitors to find their way around the university, especially during special events and initiatives.

The “Virtual Tour” application, developed in collaboration with Noovle, a premier partner of Google for Work, allows users to remotely move around the Sapienza campus and identify points of interest in an easy and intuitive manner.

“Virtual Tour” can be accessed on any device and presents the user with all the major points of interest (libraries, laboratories, museums, offices, food and drink points, etc.) along with detailed information and photos.

The platform, which is hosted on the Sapienza site, includes an aerial overview of the main campus that allows users to immediately identify buildings of interest on campus.

The application will be soon extended to all faculties and departments, including other Sapienza structures throughout the city of Rome.