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Student Assessment Questionnaires


Dear Student,

As the lessons of the second semester come to an end, we invite you to evaluate your experience via the dedicated questionnaire.

Just as at the end of the first semester, you will be able to assess your courses, directly in the lecture halls with your mobile devices, as long as the course is more than two-thirds completed. Students who do not attend class or are absent on the evaluation day may still complete the questionnaire and indeed must do so before taking the exam.

Your observations will allow us to understand how to continue improving education at Sapienza, which is one of our fundamental committments.

By choosing to study at Sapienza, you have decided to entrust your education to a prestigious university. And we want and must work to satisfy your expectations. Your contribution will help us to orient our actions.

Kind regards and all the best for the academic year,

Eugenio Gaudio, Sapienza Rector