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Soul Sapienza is one of the first free, public university placement and employment orientation systems in Italy. Its mission is to support students in the delicate transition phase from university studies to employment by collaborating with all public and private institutions that implement active employment policies.

Since its creation, seven years ago, the Soul on-line service has enjoyed an extraordinary growth and has become an important matching system for work demand and supply, both for students and graduates. Soul is also an excellent communication tool for understanding the current state and evolution of the job market for high-level professions, as well as serving as a dedicated channel for information on calls, entrance examinations, thesis awards and events regarding work orientation. Soul also functions as a networking tool for Sapienza to liaise with enterprises and private and public partners.

The Soul Portal current has 140,439 registered students and graduates, and over 177,880 curriculums. At present, the portal lists 11,418 registered work and internship opportunities, most of which are currently valid. The majority, of registered companies (67%) are located in the Lazio Region.

The companies providing concrete job opportunities meet with Sapienza students and graduates on dedicated open days addressing recruitment and mingling of employers and prospective employees. During the past years, more than 40 companies have taken advantage of this opportunity. On their side, Sapienza graduates have clearly demonstrated appreciation for these work orientation initiatives that favour conscious professional choices.

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