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Sapienza Students Place Second at Global Cybersecurity Competition


Team “mHACKeroni,” which placed second at DEF CON, the most important global cybersecurity competition and hacker convention, includes students from Sapienza University, Venice “Ca Foscari” University and the University of Padua.

The team of Italian “ethical hackers” placed second (out of 586 teams) at the 48-hour “DEF CON CTF” qualifiers, placing ahead of the standing champions, Carnegie Mellon University’s PPP Team. The Italian team will now compete in the 26thedition of the “Capture the Flag” Competition in which participants compete to identify realistic cybersecurity issues in complex applications created ad hoc by the competition organisers. The aim of the teams is to exploit these issues to reach sensitive data – the so-called flags – and defend themselves from the attacks of other competing teams.

Sapienza students participating in the super-team, in representation of Team TheRomanXpl0it, are Andrea Fioraldi, Pietro Borrello and Luigi Paolo Pileggi from the Department of Information and Automation Engineering and Matteo Chen from the Department of Computer Science.

The "DEF CON 26 CTF" Finals will be held on August 9-12 in Las Vegas.