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The Sapienza Short Film Fest is a contest for videos made by Sapienza students organized by the Art History and Performing Arts Department in collaboration with the Roma Sapienza Foundation.

The scientific committee has selected 9 videos for “Fiction” Category (fiction short films, web series, mockumentaries, animations) and 7 for the "Remix” Category (video essays, re-cut trailers, sweded trailers, mash-ups).

You can vote for your favourite from March 1-28 by:

  • Participating in the "Audience Award" - go to Sapienza's Short Film Fest website and click "the heart" for your favourite videos
  • Participating in the "Social Award" - go to Sapienza's major social channels and click "like" on the videos posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The awards ceremony will be held on March 31, 2017.

Sapienza Short Film Fest is promoted with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism and in partnership with Columbia College, a prestigious film school in Hollywood.

Follow us with hashtag #SSFF16.



"Fiction" Category

  • Passengers -  Hassan Abolhassani
  • Proof -  Margherita Argan
  • We Had Not Loved -  Armando Mattia Belcastro
  • Run -  Edoardo Fischetti
  • Burt Lancaster -  Koga Yasuhiko
  • IunivÈrsiti - The social study -  Fabio Pasquali
  • Just for a Coffee -  Damiano Salvatore Antonini
  • A Modern Jazz Fable -  Giulia Schiavon
  • The Trunk -  Edoardo Spallazzi


"Remix" Category

  • Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Great Beauty' -  Louis Samuel Andreotta
  • What Bass Creates -  Daniele Clementi
  • Apocalypse Soon -  Marco Mammarella
  • The Secret According to Murnau -  Jonathan Pace
  • Clint Eastwood First and Final Shots -  Angela Santomassimo
  • Star Cops -  Claudio Spagnuolo
  • If Apple Commercials Were Actually Infomercials -  Edoardo Spallazzi