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Sapienza University's Museum Network has recently inaugurated three new galleries for the Near East, Egypt and Mediterranean Museum, the Contemporary Arts Laboratory Museum and the new Museum Info Point, which provides 360-degree reception services with expert personnel, guided tours and touchscreen access to information, schedules, maps and collections.

The new Near East, Egypt and Mediterranean Museum displays 4000 items unearthed by Sapienza archaeologists over the past sixty years. The exhibition, which is organised by country, traces the development of our civilization. The layout has been conceived for Sapienza students studying archaeology, who will be able to use it as a laboratory with hands-on access to artefacts and inscriptions. Above all, however, it has also been designed to allow schoolchildren to understand our common roots through archaeology: the showcases are low, there will be laboratories and the touchscreens allow theme-based tracks.

The Contemporary Arts Laboratory Museum (MLAC) has also been renovated to host exhibitions and public meetings with artists, in line with its tradition as an open space for interaction, experimentation and debate. A new hall provides 100 seats for artistic performances and seminars.

In total, Sapienza’s Museum Network has reclaimed 700 square metres of exhibition space right on the main campus, the “Citadella Universitaria.”