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Sapienza "Call for Makers"


The Rome Maker Faire is a strategic opportunity for visibility and the Italian Conference of Universities (CRUI) has called for active participation of all Italian universities. Sapienza has launched its “Call for Makers,” which call is open to all academic staff, researchers and students who wish to present a project at the 2018 edition of the Rome Maker Faire (Rome Fair, October 12-14).

The objective is to organise a Sapienza Stand with all the products developed by makers (objects, 3D printed objects, prototypes, projects based on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and similar chipsets and all forms of DIY). Priority will be given to all projects that will directly and actively involve visitors.

To participate: please send the following information to by September 6, 2018 

  • short presentation of your project (max 15 lines) 
  • photo
  • measurements (length, width, height in centimeters; weight in kilograms)
  • showcase requirements (electricity, Internet connection, lighting, etc.)
  • personal data (name, department or office, e-mail address, telephone number, photo)

Submitted projects will be evaluated by a commission of university professors and makers in terms of:

  • Interaction with visitors (young men and women, families, technology enthusiasts)
  • Technological development process
  • Communication for non-specialised audience

Projects that do not meet these requirements will be discarded.

Please note: setting up and taking down showcase products, fair presence and product transportation must be organised by applicants.