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Research Projects of National Interest


Sapienza University places first in Italy in terms of Research Projects of National Interest (PRIN) approved and financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research. Twenty-five Sapienza projects were approved for the 2015 call out of the 300 accepted projects, a further benchmark of the quality of scientific research conducted at Sapienza University.

On a total of 92 million € funded by the Ministry for the 2015 announcement, Sapienza was granted nearly €8,5 million, equivalent to 9.3% of the €92 million available in funding. Sapienza co-finances MIUR approved projects with an extra €2 million.

In 2016, Sapienza research grants amount to €12,500,000 in addition to research scholarships for €8,600,000.

The thirteen selected PRIN "Life Science" projects will receive €4,504,000; the eight "Physics, Chemistry and Engineering" projects will receive €2,838,000 and four 4 "Human Science" projects will receive €1,096,000.

"Over 4400 projects were presented by Italian universities and research institutions,” points out Teodoro Valente, Deputy Rector for Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer. “Sapienza's first place is an important recognition of our scholars’ capacity to face the challenges of the future, and proves the attention that Sapienza pays to research investments with its own funds.”