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Pink Cloud 2014


The second edition of Pink Cloud (Nuvola Rosa), which will be held from April 22 to 24, 2014, will allow 500 women aged 17-24 to attend 30 free courses in six areas held by over 50 speakers.

Pink Cloud, an initiative developed by Microsoft Italy in collaboration with the Department for Equal Opportunities of the Italian Council of Ministers and Sapienza University, aims to raise the awareness of young Italian female students on the need to bridge the gender gap that still exists in science, technology and research.

This international initiative enjoys the support of world-level institutions - including UN Women, the United Nations Agency for Gender Equality and Female Empowerment, UnRic, ITU and Unesco – whose representatives will be in Rome.

Pink Cloud 2014 will launch a new digital platform to collect information, research data and videos of key figures from enterprise, science and society to support the technical-scientific education of Italian women.

Nearly 42% of the population aged 15-24 does not have a steady job and Italy comes in last in Europe for female employment at 46.5%. In such a context, a technical-scientific education can play a key role in finding work and even more so for women.

Thanks to the partnership with Telecom Italia, Pink Cloud has become an open on-line event with a wide range of content that will be webcast live and on-demand.