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NEW SAPIENZA Language Centre


The Sapienza Language Centre (Centro linguistico di Ateneo - CLA), which was inaugurated in December 2017, is directed by Federico Masini, Professor of Chinese and Southeast Asian Languages and Literature. The Centre is located in the recently inaugurated Marco Polo Compound (see link to news).

The CLA also hosts a new ESOL Cambridge Centre providing language certifications based on the European Common Reference Framework, which is based on four linguistic abilities: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The Centre is managed by Marina Morbiducci, English Language Professor.

Sapienza students and staff will be able to take the Cambridge Assessment English at a special rate, while competitive discounts are also offered to external participants. In the coming months, the CLA will also organise Cambridge Exam preparatory courses.

All the initiatives and activities organized by the Sapienza Language Centre will soon be presented on the new CLA website, which should be on-line by the end of March 2018.