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Sapienza University has opened a new Research Support Office in Brussels, in the heart of the European Union, to strengthen its international partnerships and exploit all potential EU resources, both in terms of project funding and higher education and mobility. 

"Europe is our home, and with this operation we want to confirm the availability of our university to play a part in its growth, promoting projects and Italian excellence in the community context," explains Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio. "There are many opportunities provided by Europe and we must be ready to take advantage of them, as occurred with the EIB funding we received."

The Brussels Office will work towards developing an integrated, virtuous system amongst Sapienza’s scientific and academic community and research and internationalization support offices. It will serve as a tool to promote Sapienza’s interests on the European panorama and give voice, visibility and support to the university’s EU projects, as well as pro-actively contributing to European programming and formulating proposals for the European Commission and Parliament. Last, but not least, the office must contribute to developing a “Sapienza System” to attract resources from EU research and innovation funding opportunities.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani, MEPs Silvia Costa, Roberto Gualtieri and Gianni Pittella, and representatives of research agencies and university institutions were present at the inauguration of the new Sapienza Office.