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A New Award for Prof. Frangipane


On Saturday, May 20, Marcella Frangipane, Sapienza Professor of Pre- and Proto-history of the Near and Middle East, received the "Rotondi Award for the Saviours of Art" 2017.

The award was presented to Prof. Frangipane for her work at the Arslantepe site in Turkey, which has unearthed new knowledge on the creation of the first state societies and the emergence of social hierarchies. During the ceremony, the archaeologist received a sculpture designed by Iraqi artist Selim Abdullah.

Marcella Frangipane is the only humanist and the only Italian woman to be inducted into the prestigious American National Academy of Sciences. Her extraordinary discoveries at Arslantepe, carried out in collaboration with the Institute for Conservation and Restoration, have allowed the conservation and protection of a vast and unique architectural complex in the world, allowing its opening to the public and contributing to inserting it in the UNESCO Heritage List.

The Rotondi Prize was established to commemorate Urbino Superintendent Pasquale Rotondi, who coordinated the rescue operations of more than 6000 works of art during World War 2, hiding numerous masterpieces, including paintings by Giorgione, Mantegna, Titian and Guercino.

The twentieth edition of the award was dedicated to Khaled al-Asaad, martyr hero of the city of Palmira.