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During the month of May, Sapienza’s museums will be open every Saturday to bring visitors closer to the world of science and culture through a series of temporary exhibitions, seminars and conferences, labs, concerts and guided visits.

The third edition of this programme is also part of the “EUREKA! Roma 2018” Programme promoted by the City of Rome, Council for Cultural Grwoth that will be held on April 19 – June 3, 2018. The university will invite families, students and individuals of all ages to visit the Sapienza campus on ever Saturday in May.


On Saturday, May 19, Sapienza University will participate in the “Night of Museums” Initiative with a range of exhibitions, theatrical performances, guided visits and concerts. Eight museums will stay open from 6:30 pm until late at night. Visitors will be able to enjoy a late-night visit to the Sapienza campus and the following museums: Compared Anatomy, Etruscan and Italian Antiquities, Anthropology, Classical Art, Chemistry, Laboratory of Contemporary Art, History of Medicine and the Museum of the Near and Middle East.

Moreover, starting at 10 am, families and children can take advantage of the many activities organised as part of the “May Museum Saturdays at Sapienza” Initiative that aims to bring a larger audience into contact with science and culture through a series of exhibitions, seminars, conferences, labs, concerts and guided visits.

Evening activities will begin with a MuSa Concert in the Rectorate’s Aula Magna and the subsequent guided visit to the recently restored mural by Sironi. Exhibitions range from the reproduction of athermopolium, the public area in which Ancient Romans used to eat, to an exhibition on prehistoric sounds with the reconstruction of a stringed instrument from the Copper Age. 

The Earth Sciences Museum will inaugurate a new showcase area with an exhibition on planet Earth and a sculptural installation by artist Timossi entitled “La Fata Morgana/La fonte sospesa” at the Minerva Fountain. Artist Paolo Buggiani will retrace his career and his participation in the 1980s street art with Keith Harring. The evening will continue with a flash mob organised by Theatron – Ancient Theatre at Sapienza and the Icone 2.0” performance.

For further information, please refer to the programmes.