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Thanks to funding provided by the European Investment Bank, Sapienza University will begin a large scale redevelopment plan that will include new student housing, libraries for the Faculties of Humanities and Law, Labs for the Faculty of Civil and Industrial Engineering and an Architecture Campus in Borghetto Flaminio. Moreover, more than 100 lecture halls will be renovated, photovoltaic energy-efficient plants will be installed, and anti-seismic prevention plans will be created for every building.

Projects are ready for the €114,675,000 funding provided to Sapienza through an agreement signed on December 21, 2016 with the European Investment Bank. Sapienza will integrate this amount with a further €38,225,000 for a total of €152,900,000. This is the largest fund ever allocated by the European Investment Bank (which was created 60 years ago with the 1957 Treaties of Rome) to an Italian university.  

"The agreement is the result of patient diplomatic work, thanks to which Sapienza obtained a 75% backing of the overall project by the EIB, rather than the customary 50%," explains Rector Eugenio Gaudio. "This is the result of our administrative efficiency and a well-balanced budget, and the ability to profit from resources – which are dramatically scant compared to the international scene - for research and teaching." This goal was achieved thanks to a policy of progressive improvement of Sapienza’s accounts, which have made the university a credible partner for co-financing with a positive rating, as opposed to the past, which make it an attractive for social investments.

"Funding for university centres and more generally human capital has become one of the pillars of EIB activity in recent years," commented EIB Vice President Dario Scannapieco, “and I am particularly proud of this operation with the largest Italian university, because the improvement of material infrastructures is the basis for the improvement of education in general.”


One of the most anticipated redevelopment actions concerns the new library for the Faculty of Humanities, a 9300 square-meter building, on campus, that will house over 70,000 linear meters of shelving and nearly two and a half million volumes. The library will also include 774 study places plus 44 dedicated to special research projects, a cafeteria and a bookshop, as well as external terraces.

The project involves the demolition of pre-existing structures and the recovery of a building that will be embedded in the plan to redefine the university skyline. The new library, which will unify the many libraries of the Humanities area, will also provide new spaces for teaching.

The new layout that has been designed for the Law Library will allow it to optimize opening hours and access to library and faculty services.

The renovation of the building that houses the university administrative offices aims to significantly improve the life quality of the over 115,000 students enrolled at Sapienza. Moreover, a total of 108 lecture halls will be redeveloped for Sapienza’s 11 faculties and all university buildings will be tested for the new anti-seismic prevention plan.


Four thousand and two hundred square meters of university housing will be developed between Via Osoppo and Viale dell’Università, just a few steps from the main campus, to accommodate 200 students.

The ​​Borghetto Flaminio are will become a mini-campus for the Faculty of Architecture with new lecture halls, open spaces, free workshops and exhibitions, and cultural and entertainment events, as well as a canteen and snack bar. In addition, there also are plans for engineering workshops in the 2,500 square meters of the so-called "C10 Compartment" near the Tiburtina Train Station.