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"Lab Recycling"


On March 2, Sapienza’s Department of Architecture presented the third edition of "Lab-Recycling" for academic year 2017-2018.

The lab, which will focus on the design of an eco-island and a reuse centre, the development of environmentally friendly technology for the functional improvement of these structures, and relevant legislative and urban aspects, will present an award to the best project. 

The lab was presented by Pinuccia Montanari, Commissioner for Rome's Environmental Sustainability Programme with Deputy Rector Renato Masiani, the President of the Faculty of Architecture, Anna Maria Giovenale, and Antonella Giglio and Stefano Bina from AMA.

Commissioner Montanari presented the "Ecological Domus" Contest calling for the development structures, made of recycled materials, for recycling equipment and an information centre for post-consumer materials.

"Lab-Recycling" is an integral part of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by AMA and the Faculty of Architecture in 2013 that will be renewed this year. The agreement provides for a mutual exchange of expertise both in training and in the development of research programmes on issues concerning environmental and waste management.