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Italian Cybersecurity Report 2016

Thursday, March 2 – 2:00 pm
Aula Magna – Rectorate Building CU001
Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, Rome 

The Italian Cybersecurity Report, developed by the Sapienza Cyber Intelligence and Information Security Research Centre (CIS) and by the National Lab on Cyber Security, will be presented at Sapienza University on Thursday, March 2.

The report illustrates 15 essential security checks and how to implement them. The list of recommended security checks, which is derived from the National Framework on Cybersecurity, addresses organizations and especially SMEs that do not have sufficient technical skills to adopt the National Framework in its entirety. The report was developed in collaboration with the biggest Italian and International companies and some of the main national and governmental cybersecurity players. 

The conference will be opened by Rector Eugenio Gaudio, the President of the IT National Inter-University Consortium, Paolo Prinetto, and the Director of the Cyber Intelligence and Information Security Research Center, Roberto Baldoni. Other speakers include: Professors Luigi Vincenzo Mancini, Camil Demetrescu and Luca Montanari.

The conference will include a round table coordinated by Alessandro Longo, Forum PA, and an institutional panel, moderated by Arturo di Corinto from La Repubblica. Prefect Alessandro Pansa will close the conference.

Registration is mandatory to attend the conference.