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The Influence of a Lifetime of Reading

October 4 - 10:30 am
Meeting Hall, Psychology Building
Via dei Marsi 78, Rome

A seminar dedicated to "Reading throughout the Lifespan: Insight from a Computational Model Of Reading" will be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

Padraic Monaghan, Professor of Psychology at Lancaster University (UK), will address the the role of reading in learning and developing individuals, focusing particularly on the quantity and quality of the pre-literate linguistic experience.

Computational models have been vitally important in defining our understanding of reading, but these models have typically described the mature reader, rather than individuals learning to read. In his work, Prof. Monaghan explores how reading is acquired, and the influence of pre-literate language skills on later reading development.

The seminar will address recent modelling advances that demonstrate: (1) the different trajectories of learning to read according to the orthography of the language; (2) the nature of gradual, unfolding experience on learning to read, and the changing role of direct and indirect pathways in reading across the lifespan; and (3) the role of quantity and quality of the pre-literate language experience on later literacy.