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The GREAT Book of Life from Mendel to Genomics


The exhibition on “The Great Book of Life from Mendel to Genomics” and curated by Sapienza Professors Fabrizio Rufo and Sergio Pimpinelli will open at the Rome “Palazzo delle Esposizoni” Museum on February 10.

The exhibition, which will showcase items from Sapienza’s Museums, aims to explain the structure and function of DNA, the new frontiers of genomics, the discipline's practical applications and the way it influences and will increasingly influence our lives and our environment, through personalized gene therapy, artificial life, the use of DNA to resolve crimes in the past, the present and the future, and much, much more.

The exhibition also includes an extensive programme of seminars on individual aspects that will be open to everyone and held by major protagonists of scientific research in Italy and abroad. The seminars have been designed to bridge the distance we perceive between everyday life and the great questions raised by science, introducing us, through a simple and passionate language, to the fascinating realm of modern genetics.

Under their guidance, we will set out from the garden where Mendel first grew peas and move on to labs infested with mutant gadflies, crime scenes (familiar from cop shows on TV), medical research laboratories, lush cornfields in the early 20th century and greenhouses bursting with the plants of the future, to discover that the boundless and wonderful variety we see in the world around us today is largely regulated by the same invisible mechanisms.

When science is narrated in this way, it becomes a gripping, universal treasure hunt!