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GRASP the Opportunity - Study at Sapienza!


Sapienza is pleased to present the English-language version of its admissions wizard:

LINK: >>>  Grasp the Opportunity – Study at Sapienza! <<<

Whether you’re a EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, whether you’re interested in applying for a Bachelors or a Masters degree programme, in a specialisation course or in transferring to Sapienza from another university, you’ll find all the information you need by using this quick and intuitive new tool.


Sapienza regularly ranks at the top of Italian universities.

Sapienza is the largest university in Europe and a leading centre for research.

Choose from over 250 degree programmes, including various Masters Programmes entirely in English and a vast selection of PhD Programmes ranging from architecture to engineering and computer science. There is something for everyone at Sapienza.

Enrol in our long-standing, dedicated English-language Medicine and Surgery Degree.

Sapienza University ranks third worldwide in Aerospace (Thomson – Reuters2015).

Join over 7000 foreign students and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Sapienza University.

The main campus, designed by Marcello Piacentini, was opened in 1935. Come study in a unique open-air museum of rationalist architecture!

Have any specific questions? Contact Hello, our dedicated welcome and orientation desk for foreign students.


Rome is a vibrant, timeless city with over 2000 years of history.  Experience an awe-inspiring collage of ancient and modern with meandering alleys that in just a few steps will lead you from Ancient and Medieval Rome through the Baroque and into Renaissance Rome. That’s why it’s known as the “Eternal City.”

Italy is a global leader in a variety of fields ranging from interior design, fashion, graphic design and furniture design to machine tool manufacturing, robotics, electromechanical machinery, transportation and space engineering. If you’re planning a career in these fields, come to Sapienza and learn it in Italian!

According to Unesco, Italy houses over 60% of the world’s artistic and cultural heritage. And plenty of that is in Rome. Florence and Tuscany are just over an hour away by train, Venice is about 5 hours away. In fact, no point in Italy is much further than six hours away! And Italy has some of the cheapest public transportation in Europe!

Interested in Cinema? Visit Cinecittà and discover the neighbourhoods where the masterpieces of Neorealism where filmed! From Vittorio De Sica’s Sciuscià to Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza, Rome is a full immersion in modern cinema.

Do you love nature? Come discover the dramatic beauty of Italy’s endless landscape: beaches, countryside, mountains, lakes and rivers.

Food? Well, I’m sure you’ve heard all about Italian food! ;-)


Tuition Fees: tuition fees in Italy are amongst the lowest in Europe. Moreover, Sapienza has special fixed rates for foreign students.

Scholarships: unlike many other European countries, scholarships and student loans and grants are available to EU students on the same basis as Italian students.

Work: you can apply to work in offices throughout Sapienza, including the International Office, and earn €1500/year whilst gaining precious work experience and skills!

Healthcare: Italy is renowned for its low-cost and high-quality healthcare, which you will be able to take advantage of throughout your stay in Italy!

Stay in Europe: once you have completed your degree at Sapienza University, you have the right to stay for an entire year in Italy or any other EU country!