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FREE On-line Medicine Textbooks

February 6 - 2.00 pm

Lecture Hall A2, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry 
Via Caserta 6, Rome

The AccessMedicine Platform will be presented on Tuesday, February 6 at 2:00 pm at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

The platform houses a collection of 147 textbooks published by McGraw Hill that will be available freely to the over 25,000 students studying Medicine at Sapienza. Sapienza University has always promoted the right to study and is happy to announce that it will provide Medicine students with 147 textbooks published by McGraw Hill to help students study for their degrees and prepare for doctoral courses and medical specialisation schools. Students and researchers will be able to consult and download this collection of basic manuals for free and without having to wait for their translation. Moreover, the platform, which can also be consulted remotely, provides not only the texts by the American publisher, but also real-time access to all the main scientific publications

The new system has been introduced thanks to an agreement signed by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Sebastiano Filetti, and the Sapienza Library System. “The idea,” the Dean explains, “is to provide virtual texts that can be arranged as preferred and that are constantly updated to provide a custom-tailored service to students.”

Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio pointed out that “as Rector, my objective is to guarantee a high-level education to everyone, even the less fortunate, and this agreement is extremely beneficial. For example, one of the fundamental volumes for Medicine, Principles of Internal Medicine, will become free, while even purchasing it on-line the cost is about 200 euro.”

The scientific texts in English can be accessed by all Medicine, Dentistry and Health Services students (including nursing, obstetrics, physiotherapy, lab and radiology techniques, etc.), as well as doctorate and specialisation students for a total audience of over 25,000 users. Moreover, the volumes will also benefit the increasing number of foreign students enrolled at Sapienza and help Italian students improve their language skills. Thus, the project will promote the education of high-level professionals and advance the international profile of the university.

 “Most universities are moving towards a multimedia education,” explains Rector Gaudio. “Sapienza has begun a profound renovation of its lecture halls to make learning more innovative and competitive. And this is particularly true for Medicine where it is essential for lecture halls to connect with operating theatres. We are investing further resources to increase the number of our multimedia lecture halls over the short term.”

This new on-line book collection will join the university’s electronic resources which currently include over 400 databases and more than 20,000 electronic journals, as well as collection of Italian and foreign e-books, which can be accessed via the university intranet.