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The First Mediterranean Transnational Campus


The Consortium of European Universities in the Mediterranean has been established through an agreement signed by Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio and the Rectors of the Université Aix de Marseille (France), Universitat de Barcelona (Spain) and the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain).

The main objective of this ambitious project, undersigned by the four rectors who met in Marseille on April 3, is to promote cooperation between Mediterranean universities and the shared cultural values ​​of their common Mediterranean origin. The four-part agreement kicks off a project that other Mediterranean universities will be able to join in the future. At present, the main goals of the agreement are to encourage student mobility by increasing the number of joint degrees, to promote cooperation within European programmes, to undertake coordinated research activities, and to implement inter-university summer schools.

The goals will be achieved by intensifying relations between consortium members, defining issues and areas of excellence of each university, so that the potential of each partner may act as a multiplier for the capacities of the others. Sapienza's areas of excellence are Archaeology, Physics, Aerospace, Nanotechnologies, Neuroscience, Roman Law, Biotechnology and Computer Science.

"Today Europe and the Mediterranean are facing new challenges that require university communities to take action," declared Rector Eugenio Gaudio, "to promote the wealth of the fundamental values of the European Project that we must pass on to future generations. Everyone's commitment now has to be to work to increase the common space in which ideas can grow and develop. This is the goal of the Marseille Agreement towards a Transnational Campus of the Mediterranean." 

The ceremony was attended by Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio, the President of the Université Aix-Marseille, Yvon Berland, the Deputy Rector of the University of Barcelona, Joan Elias Garcia, and the Rector of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Josè Maria Sanz Martinez.

Sapienza also signed a bilateral agreement with the Université Aix-Marseille, France's largest university, to foster teaching and scientific collaboration.