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ERC Advanced Project “Capable”


Project “Capable,” presented by Roberto Osellame, First Researcher at the National Council for Research (CNR) Institute of Photonic and Nanotechnologies (IFN), has been approved by the European Commission in the ERC Advanced Grant 2017 Call Framework.

Sapienza University will be directly involved in the research activities as a beneficiary partner institution. The Scientific Coordinator for the Sapienza Research Team is Fabio Sciarrino, Professor of Physics and Principal Investigator of the ERC Starting-Consolidator Grant “3D-QUEST” Project, Proof of Concept “3D-COUNT” Project, and partner in the ERC Advanced Grant "Phosphor" Project.

The main goal of Project “Capable” is to develop a new integrated photonic platform to handle information according to quantum mechanics laws. The Sapienza research team coordinated by Fabio Sciarrino will conduct Boson Sampling experiments on advanced platforms with the aim of obtaining a “Quantum Supremacy”.

As demonstrated by a recent call for a flagship project on quantum technology, the European Community is working on improving and developing new technologies based on quantum physics, and this research activity proposal works towards this goal.