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DTC Excellence Centre for Cultural Heritage


On July 25, 2018, as representative of the lead university partner, Sapienza Rector Eugenio Gaudio undersigned the commitment procedure for the creation of the Excellence Centre at the Lazio Technological District for Cultural Heritage (DTC) at the presence of Lazio Region Vice President Massimiliano Smeriglio and the President of Lazio Innova, Paolo Orneli.

Besides Sapienza University, the DTC Excellence Centre brings together 8 of the main research organisms on technology for cultural heritage active in Lazio, making it one of the most important aggregators of know-how, in this sector, at the European level.

Founding project partners include all the public universities in Lazio (Sapienza, as lead partner, Tor Vergata, Roma Tre, Tuscia, Cassino and Lazio Meridionale) as well as the CNR, ENEA and INFN research agencies.

The project is funded by the Regione Lazio for a total of 6 million euro over three years. The first phase will employ €1.5 million to activate the centre, organise advanced education, research and technology transfer projects and create a register and observatory on competences and resources in the Lazio Region. The second phase will kick off with €4.5 million in funding.

The project will organise advanced education programmes, first and second-degree master courses, lifelong learning opportunities and free MOOCs concerning cultural heritage management.

Initially, three research projects will be organised:

  • Sismi: technology to improve safety and reconstruction of historical centres in seismic areas;
  • Ecodigit: digital ecosystem for the enjoyment of cultural heritage and activities in the Lazio Region;
  • Adamo: diagnostic and monitoring technology for the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage.